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Thread: Software to tell if drive is powered down

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    Software to tell if drive is powered down

    Anyone come across anything that can tell me when a hardrive has been powered down by acpi, prefurably by an icon in the system tray.

    I have the drive in my carpc set to one min power off, the idea being that if I want to go offroad at any time I turn off any mp3's I'm playing wait one min and now the drive is parked so I can bounce the arse out of the jeep without the drive being damaged.

    But I would like to know when it's powered down rather than guessing.

    The pc itself has suspension as does the drive but I'd like to be belt and braces when going offroad as it can get a bit harsh.

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    That is actually a GREAT idea! I never thought of having that option!! If there was some way to tell I could definately use the code to do so!!

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    Seem to remember before pc's were popular you had to park the head before switching of. Some of the head parking software may still be about. Also why stop playing MP3's why not create a virtual drive in memory and play from there asuming you can keep the head parked.
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    those old softwares SHOULDN'T work anymore. newer drives utilize many advanced features such as the S.M.A.R.T. instruction sets, etc... besides, even if it worked, the drive would spool up again the next time anything was written/read to it, and that happens frequently with windows, even if you don't directly access the drive.

    hope that's helpful. someone please correct me, though, if i'm wrong.
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