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Thread: "Autofilling" Excel sheet from an Access DB

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    "Autofilling" Excel sheet from an Access DB

    Ok... this is something for my job and need a lil help. So thought i would bring it to the programmers.

    I am making excel sheet where
    column 1 = customer id
    column 2 = customer name
    column 3 = address
    column 4 = telephone

    I have an access database that contains all my customer information.
    What i want is if i lets say i enter 222343 into column one and it is a valid cusotmer in my access db then it would fill out the customer name, address and telephone columns in my excel sheet to save time.

    I assume this would need some type of VB code, but i am not not very knowledgable with VB. So i am gonna play dumb.

    Only code i do at work is Clarion and sometimes cognos

    If anyone could help me out or even show me a sample of what i am trying to acheive so i could analyze it then i am sure it wouild make sense.


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    What does this have to do with carputers?

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    You don't need any VB code to do this, excel can get data from a database and do what you want very easily.

    BUT...what on earth are you asking here for?? Take it here
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    You can easily import a database into excel...
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    use ADO to query the database, and fill out the rest of the columns

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