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Thread: Reverse camera software?

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    Reverse camera software?

    I am trying to sort out a reversing camera attached to the PC (Windows based). What I need is a piece of software that will run full-screen, displaying the camera input from a video capture card and will then shut down when the screen is clicked on or a key is pressed. The closest I have found so far is FullScreenTV at but it has a major drawback in that to shut it down you must right-click and choose from a menu or do an ALt-X combination.

    I would also like it if I could flip the image horizontally to behave more like a mirror. Does anybody know of a package that will do this or would be willing to modify FullScreenTV to work in this fashion? (source code is available at the site, but my C++ skills are approximately zero)


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    just use MMC its built in to our software, I use the CECU as a trigger for it ...I tapped into the Reverse light and when it sees 12v the camera comes on....but without the cecu, just click the mobile media center Version 1 logo at the bottom of the home screen.

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    Thanks for the link to the fullscreentv thread, sorted me out no problem

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