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Thread: Another question about overscan

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    Post Another question about overscan

    I have a motherboard with TV-output, using Intel's 810E chipset. I have the same problem many others already reported - there is a black boarder around the image (can't use the whole screen's surface) but when I overscan the image becomes way bigger and I am loosing the taskbar and other parts of the desktop.
    Could you suggest a solution? New drivers? Is there any utility that sizes the desktop size?
    I already searched the forum...

    Thank you in advance,

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    I know exactly what you are talking about... I have tried to fix this problem with other video cards and there is no easy fix to this =(

    I have tested a few of them so far and here is my experience.

    ATI all in wonder - covers entire screen w/ overscan.
    Trident 9685 PCI Video card w/ tv-out (trident chipset?)- Good overscan but cut's off the taskbar.
    MSI-6215 (intel 815E): also cut's off the border where the taskbar is.
    Shuttle FV-24 w/ tv-out (chrontel chipset): Cut's off at the top only.

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    yeah, thats the dreaded problem with some video cards. Just curious, which one are you using? I have the same problem and im sure youve seen the millions of posts ive had on this subject. Only thing ive seen solve this is to get a sure thing video card. I know a few of the ATI cards work well.
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    I am also using the Supermicro SED motherboard and have no problems using overscan.

    I am using 640x480 resolution and have set the display properties/appearance to "high contrast black (large)"

    Yes, the edges of the picture are slightly cut off, but I have simply resized the windows (of the few programs I use) to fit the screen perfectly.

    I have the taskbar set to autohide and when it pops up it shows 100% of both its height and width. Works flawlessly.

    Hope this helps

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