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    I've my mp3car setup almost ready to install, except for one part. I am trying to figure out a way of controling winamp. I have about 100+ Albums ripping to the hard drive, Each in their own folder. I have both the keypad or the IRMAN that can be used for control. I want to be able to Load an album (by folder) with out having to create 100+ seperate playlist. Is this possible? Suggestions are more than welcome.

    Here's a quick List of what I have for specs. Packard Hell Legend 1125. 200MMX, 32 MB RAM, 8.1GB + 3.1 GB. Mobo has ATI and SND built on board. Win98. Running blind. no expansion slots due to mobo design.
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    i am sure there is a plug-in for winamp that will achive that. have a search around for a start.

    I know mohadib had a plug-in with his winamp to do pretty close to what you want....
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    It's called Albumlist. Go to my site under software you find the link there.
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