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Thread: XM-Ready head unit software integration?

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    I find this topic very interesting as i've recently purchased a Pioneer 770MP player.

    If I understand correctly the "Smart Digital Adapter" acts as a translator/brigde between Pioneer's IP-bus interface and some sorts of serial interface using the DIN-8 connector?

    Does this mean I could make a DB-9 to DIN-8 connector so that a PC could communicate with my Pioneer HU?

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    Help my feeble mind... You guys want to be able to:

    1. modify the display of a head unit
    2. React to knob presses on the head unit with a carputer.

    Is this right?

    I've seen all of the flame hoops people have jumped through to get simple AM and FM into a carputer. Most approaches appear to have major limitations. I think one of the best uses for a head unit is to provide AM and FM (and/or XM, etc). In my opinion, the head unit belongs in the trunk or under the seat. Therefore I won't be able to benifit from either 1 or 2 above.

    It should be easy to control most head units via infra red over the remote control interface. I'd have done this a long time ago except for the fact that the communication is one-way: the carputer won't know what station you are on.

    Would an SDA somehow provide a glimpse into this?

    Anybody ever hack the interface between the base unit and removable faceplates?
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    You're right. That's what I wanna do. As I understand this SDA thing will convert the IP-bus signals into plain RS232 (serial) signals at some transfer rate.

    What I am unsure of, however, is if the SDA will emulate this "XM Reciver" thing itself or just translate the data. In which case you'll get a Tuner-like interface at the HU end, instead of the Multi-CD interface with discs and tracks which I'd want.

    Has anybody tried hooking up this XM SDA to a PC to see what happens?

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