Ahh, but you see, you aren't limited in what you can create in terms of an interface for a carpc. Case in point: Frodo's pride and joy. That thing is skinnable and morphable to an insane degree, and it's done in VB. Sure, if you're new to VB, then you are likely to be unaware of any types of controls other than the default set. I myself thought I was stuck with those cheesy regular buttons for the longest time. Then I discovered that I didn't actually have to use a button object to have a button. Almost anything is clickable in VB.
That, coupled with the fact that the IDE in VB lets me design the interface before I start worrying overmuch about the actual coding. Sometimes the very act of designing the interface will give you better ideas for the overall project.

With almost every other language, you have to worry about coding, especially memory management and object placement BEFORE you can even consider what the thing is going to look like.
No thanks. I'll take the programming language that I can write, leave alone for a few months, then come back to and pick up where I left off fairly easily.
Most other languages REQUIRE commenting in the code so that others can understand wtf is going on in there. Bleh.

VB kicks *** for just this sort of project: heavily visual, easy to organize, and wide-ranging third party support in the form of ActiveX objects and pre-written routines and tricks. Yay!