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Thread: Solution to hiding the cursor for good (even with hibernation)

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    Solution to hiding the cursor for good (even with hibernation)

    Like the many people on this board I power down and power up my carputer by hibernating the system and many of us have the issue of the mouse pointer showing up instead of staying hidden in such front ends like ME and FP. Well, in order to solve this problem, I made a .cur file that is completely clear and I replaced all my cursors in the mouse scheme to point to this file. So while technically having a mouse pointer, it shows up (rather, doesn't show up) as a clear cursor. I think this is the simplest solution to people who want to remove their cursor and have no problems with a clear cursor.
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    sweet idea, thanks!

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    ok before so i downloaded it and its recommended to opent that file with irfanview, is that necessary? do i need to place that file in the windows startup folder?

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    Just put the file in your /windows/cursors folder and select it for all your mouse cursors in Control panel.

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    Before I clicked on the thread I thought about building an app that would call ShowCursor() every time it detected a return from hibernation, but this is a much easier and more reliable method.. good thinking!

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