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Thread: OpenSource Map Vector Data

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevlar
    Send me that script for the TIGER data retrieval, I had to retrieve mine "the hard way" by writing a parser for the TIGER website, and then using wget to fetch all the linked files. But I'm sure I've mislocated it by now Have you written anything to parse and condense the data into a database yet?
    Here is the project site:
    The tiger download script is in the CVS under a Module named "Tools".

    Quote Originally Posted by kevlar
    I have KDevelop/qmake setup on one of my Linux servers, and VS.NET 2003 on a Windows XP box here. So I'm covered on both ends. QT sounds fine for doing cross-platform (Windows, Linux, OSX), and even nicer for embedded (Qtopia aka QT/Embedded), although I don't believe Qtopia works with VS.NET with SDE (Smart Device Extension), but I can take a look.

    I own many PDAs and PDA Phones running Windows Media 2003 (and Windows Media 2003 Phone Edition) as well as some tablet pcs (I'm doing some home automation software development that should be pretty cool), but I don't have any Linux-based PDAs unfortunately. I've found the VS.NET w/SDE to be the best way to develop once and deploy on most any windows device, but I can't find a way to encompass embedded Linux devices yet in the same code base. I was hoping that Java J2ME/MIDP would have solved that for me, but not-so-surprising that Pocket PCs do not have a JVM, and the only quality JVM-like platform for them seems to be a commercial version of SuperWaba, which doesn't follow J2ME spec at all!!! Maybe you have some ideas about what we can do for the mobile platforms.
    I had not intended for the project to include a GUI or a full navigation software implementation. Given the popularity of the Destinator SDK and the number of frontend developers here on I am hoping that just providing the needed database will prompt others to develop a number of possible frontends. I have no experience with WinCE, but I am sure that both MySQL and Gigabase can be ported to it.

    Do you think we should write a semi-abstract TIGER parser, so we have the flexibility to write it to any database (i.e. both MySQL _and_ GigaBase in one swoop)? Or would it be better to just write a MySQL parser only, and then extract the data to GigaBase once it's put into MySQL?
    Maybe, What I am currently using is a collection of python scripts. One script reads the files and stores all the info in a dictionary. I then use various other scripts to analyze, write to database, or perform operations on the data. For the time, to modify this for MySQL, all that would be needed is a database writing module which can be used in place of the one I am using for gigabase. It is not very elegant but for the time being it gives me a lot of flexibility and allows me to experiment with lots of different ideas and analyze the tiger data quickly.

    In the CVS repository the python scripts I am working with are under /dbtestbed/pythonscripts. The script is used with the tig2gigB project that is at /dbtestbed/tig2gigB. This is a python wrapped interface to my database.
    The initial testing I did with gigabase is the project /dbtestbed/tig2gigA. This reads tiger files and creates a database. The project /dbtestbed/gigAq is an example spatial query for the database that is created.

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    I plan to start working towards some releasable software soon. I had hoped to do some more work with analyzing the tiger data to this point and hopefully reduce the database sizes. Unfortunately I cannot see that happening within the next month. The reason this is a problem is that the weather is getting warmer here in Ohio and when the weather gets warmer I try to spend my time on my other hobby, golf. I do not want to wait until next fall before I release something that others can use. So I decided to scale back the scope of the initial release. It will contain a c++ library with an available python wrapper. The library will be used to convert tiger files into a gigabase database, it can then be used by other programs to read and query that database. The database itself will contain tables for the different type of objects (roads, water, etc) with a 1 to 1 relationship with records from the tiger data files. The file sizes can be very large (300 MB for Ohio). Some of the things that I was working on that won't be implemented were ways of reducing the overall files by combining records where possible and grouping them where possible.

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