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Thread: Good touchscreen fiendly MP3 play WITHOUT full front end?

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    Good touchscreen fiendly MP3 play WITHOUT full front end?

    Can any of the very touch screen friendly MP3 players in teh front ends be used independantly? I don't like running a front end. I like running everything off the windows screen. But I downloaded things like Frodoplayer and they didn't want to work as stand alones.

    Can this be done? Am I doing something wrong?

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    NMC should be able to do it, as you can make skins any size you want (fullscreen or not), with as many / little funtions you want...

    Don't know about the rest...

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    Just use Winamp with a skin of your choice.


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    ArbyFullScreen for Winamp3, might be a little hard to find though.
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