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Thread: I need linux help

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    Exclamation I need linux help

    As I said before I have 20 386 laptops. I want to play around with linux to see what its like is there a linux gui that will run on a 386 with 4 megs (possibly upgrade one 2 8 megs) of ram. If so can you tell me where I can download it from as well as directions on setting it up. I have a good PC backround however I had never tried Linux yet an want to jump in. I know this is getting of the "mp3car" subject howevr I now many of you have worked with linux so I wanted to get a share of your linux knowledge.


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    You can download Linux from any one of their distribution sites. ie.,, etc. However, I would seriously consider picking up a book on Linux if you can, since installing it is nothing like you've ever done before. Linux on laptops is not a fun task tho, and a 386 with 4 megs of ram will probably only run Linux in console mode, no windows.
    Good Luck

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    There are some solutions that would work. You can try Blackbox window manager. Take a look at to find the link.

    I have gotten linux to run on a 386 16 desktop but you will need to know quite a bit about the laptop. Primarly the video chip set.

    Although I would start with a desktop to gain some experiance with linux and installing it. Also it would not hurt to learn how to compile the kernal while you are at it.
    There are many sites that can help with this take a look at for a start.


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