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Thread: VB, C++, or C frontend with chrLCD support

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    VB, C++, or C frontend with chrLCD support

    I am in the early phases of developing my own playlist/song selector program. I am very interested to see sample code that you developed and what addons/modules you have to use. One major issue is how to output from VB to LCD and control winamp.

    Please post or email me with source.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I programmed my user interface in perl. I would be happy to share my code with you. As soon as I rebuild my kernel so my ethernet works, I will get you the latest revision of my user interface. It was programmed to work with XAudio. They have ports for damn near everything, Linux, Win9x/NT, and a whole slew of others. Its nice to see others taking the time to program cool user interfaces. =)


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