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Thread: DiVX (XviD) encoding question

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    DiVX (XviD) encoding question

    Okay guys two quick questions

    1. I have a 7" Xenarc touchscreen an I hate movies with the black bars top and bottom. what screen size (resolution) do I encode at to get rid of them? Keep in mind I'm using AutoGK

    2. After I get the movie encoded then can I delete the VOB file?
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    If it is a widescreen movie (16:9) then just do it regular, there won't be any black bars (at least, there aren't on mine).
    After you finish the movie you can delete all the extra files - VOB's, logs, and the extra folder that it creates (called agk something I think...). All you need is the .avi movie that AutoGK made for you.
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