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Thread: My Own Res?

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    Question My Own Res?

    Is there a way to setup windows to display in a custom res i type in? the alpine monitor is spec'd to run at 960x238 (friend is going to sell to me cheap cheap) so i was wondering if this is possible.
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    nope. At least not that I know of. If you have a ATI expert@play you could use a virtual dekstop resolution I think.
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    Hmmm I remember that when FF7 used to crash on me once in a while, it would go back to windwos and get "stuck" in 320x200 with 16mil. colors! I never found out how to do it on purpose tho :-( Would been nice to know. I have an ATI Rage Pro2+ (or something like that) and I would see in the settings window for display properties that both the desktop and the graphics setup was 320x200! so don't give up hope. If anything, get ATI tech support on the line and see what they can do for ya. (Of course you'll have to buy their product first to work on it while you're on the phone)
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