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Thread: Good on screen keyboard?

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    Good on screen keyboard?

    Hey Guys.

    Im looking for a good, FREE, on screen keyboard to use with a touchscreen. There was a pretty good one posted in these forums before, the problem is, im using it as part of an application in development, and the keyboard works by first displaying a little keyboard icon on the top of the screen, then you have to click that to start the keyboard. I need a keyboard the looks nearly the same, but opens and displays when you execute it, and closes when you...well...close it.....

    See attachment for example, and the problem that im speaking of

    any ideas, any ones to check out?
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    I use this one. Works great! I also use the short qwerty layout.


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    ok, thanks, are there any others? im looking for something with an attractive interface, much like the one i posted.

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    i just don't see how an onscreen kb would be practical. do you plan on using it a lot
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    well, many people do, and im developing an application that requires it... please anyone else?

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    Windows usually has one that comes with the accessiblity options. It works pretty good
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