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Thread: Is there a front end that supports this?

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    Is there a front end that supports this?

    I posted this in the nubie section and someone sugested posting here.

    So I've been downloading all the frontends like crazy and was surprized that they don't support what I want.

    I would like to have a music playlist that is generated automatically from my music directory which looks like this:
    D: Music
    And a separate section for my non-music video files:
    D: Videos

    Under Music\Video are music videos. I want a system that has a mixed playlist video/music and will display a video when playing a video and display the visualization when playing a visulaization. I had created a winamp 5 skin to do this and it was working ok, but I had made the buttons too small, so I decided to check if there was something already out there. I'm surprized that this is not supported. One big reason I would rather not stick with the winamp skin is the fact that their scripting dose not support the sort command so there is no way to sort thoes big playlists.

    I know I should search and I have been for a while. I thought I would just put the question out there. If anyone has some quick info or could point me in the right direction that would be great.



    PS: I'm starting to work on my winamp skin again. So if there are any sugestions or tips please let me know. On big thing I had problems with was the scroll bar size for the play list. Any one have a solution for this?

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    Sorry, I guess you'll have to make that a feature-request...

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    Naw I'm just going to do a winamp skin i think. I can get almost all the functionality I want doing that.

    Does anyone know how to change the size of the slider in the playlist? Or make big buttons for scrolling in the play list?


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