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Thread: CDDB code ????

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    Question CDDB code ????

    Hi I am looking for code that will connect to CDDB to get CD information.

    Looking on CDDB they have CDDB2 which you have to sign form and send it back.

    I want to use CDDB1 so If anyone out there can help, please reply.

    The reason I wan't this is that I have programmed to Convert CD to MP3 for my car MP3 player and showing the progress on the LCD. But I need CDDB to show me the album name and song titles.

    By the way the I am using VB...


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    youngy: maybe we can work together here. I have seen and i believe i have some cddb code too. But u see , i have a different approach to this. I have d/l the entire cddb file (40mg) to my HD, I have successfully hacked AudioCatalyst. Now the trick is to have audio catalyst read the db. But hey...u can configure it to look in cdplayer.ini file. The problem i have now is that the cddb file from a unix evironment has the DISKID in hex and so far i have gathered that the first two letter in the hex is the current file name....long story. Anyway, i can write a quick and dirty c/c++ code to convert all the db files and copy its contents to cdplayer.ini file as long as i can hack the DISKID correctly. This way i can rip cd straight to mp3 with all the tag info provided that the info is in the cdplayer.ini
    Hopefully i will figure this out this week. Getting real close to completing CobraII

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    What a fantasic idea... I frequently Rip while I am not connected to the internet. It is a little annoying to have a whole folder full of Track 1... Track 2... Track X. I guess I could type in the track names, but that is soooooo against my nature .


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