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Thread: How fast does your system boot?

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    20 seconds, too ****in long... i want 10 or less or die!

    funny **** tho, dos 7.1 etc

    nuts, pioneers tho!

    next - wifi

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    I just nlited an install down to 240 mb. I have booted 4 times since then and all boots are over 1 minute. I have made no other changes, but i would expect to see improvements after nliteing xp down to half of its size. I have a via m10k. Will I see improvement after a few other tweaks, and how to i get away from the classic windows theme, so that i can have the xp themes?
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    From cold boot out of hibernation to MP3 playback takes about 20 seconds on my stripped-down SuSE 9.3 based MII-12000 running my own custom software.

    One caveat is that the CPU is pinned at 100% for the first 30 seconds after resume-from-hibernation and there is the occasional MP3 dropout until everything is re-initialized.

    Cold booting normally (not using suspend-to-disk) takes at least 90 seconds although I haven't timed it lately. Luckily I rarely have to boot that way.

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