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Thread: My Dream Player?

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    Lightbulb My Dream Player?

    I'm currently running a P233 MMX with 32mb Win95b. I've got Winamp with a plugin for my 20x4 LCD and the IRman plugin that let's you change CD's just by hitting the number of the playlist and the "load playlist" button. For example, if I want to hear Green Day's "Dookie" I just hit 46*LoadPlaylist*. it's AWESOME. it's like having a 241 disk changer in your car. no menus. I have a 3 page long list of albums in my car. If I want, I can shuffle through ALL the albums with my master list 666. Just easy to remember...i'm not the devil. With this function being as awesome is it is...why isn't there one for Dos? I LOVE my setup, I just wish there was a dos player exactly like my current set up. I don't want to have to look down at my little 3 inch backlit display to find the album I want. I want to have my list (alphabetical with a # prefix) printed out in a 12pt font, where it's easy to see, and I can put it on the steering wheel (for safer driving ) does such a thing exist? if not, why not?!! it's PERFECT, it just takes a long time to boot. I'd like to boot up and hear tunes before I get to the end of my street. I guess I'm greedy. but with computers..and speed...that's a good thing...right?
    Anywone help?

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    you must be new here
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    for now i don't have a web site and i prolly will never have time to work on it. There are a couple of ppl working on a site for me. Anyway go look at the pictures there, that might answer some of your questions. And the reasong u don't see a lot of DOS stuff is becase A) DOS is DEAD! and B) programmers are limited to stuff they can do and THAT is a FACT!!!!

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    Yeah, that sounds like me and my friend's setup - almost 2 years ago.


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