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Thread: controlling functions in winamp trough PDA

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    Post controlling functions in winamp trough PDA

    I think I've read every single post in this board and I could not belive all the awsome info that i've gotten,I thank everybody!
    I read somewhere on a post that it's possible to control Winamp functions on a computer through a PDA, if someone knows anything about this please let me know, I'm also building a computer in my car for mp3 playback.I have a Compaq Aero 2130 PPC..
    and does anybody know what is the deal with, thir site has been under construction for a while now, they say come back 2 to 4 weeks but it's been months now..

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    I don't know what type of PDA you are using, but I know what works for Palm OS PDA's...

    The following are webpages of PalmAMP. It's a piece of software that will let you control Winamp through your PalmOS PDA. I'm not too familiar with it, so I'm not sure if you need both a plug-in, and the software for the PDA, but here are the two links.

    Hope this helps...
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    Okay so here's the story on PDA control of winamp.
    There is a program called palmamp. It has two parts a dll for winamp on the pc and a small piece of palm software for the palm device. The plam device sends serial commands to the computer and the computer responds. Great little program if you have a palm device.
    However you have WinCE, like me. Over the last two months I have written a program, in Visual Basic, that talks the same serial commands as palmamp. However since I am by no means a great programmer I am hung up on some string parsing its 3/4's done.
    There is nothing commercially available for WinCE that I'm aware of.
    Hope this helps a little.


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