Well, my player has been perfoming consistenly with great results for a few weeks now so it's time I started messing with it again. No major performance issues, but I would like to tweak a few minor things and improve effeciency. I'm running MPXF/MPXplay in Win98 Dos mode.

1) MPXplay's display options. Right now I'm running the default, but I would like to get rid of the spectrum analizer and most of the interface. I have a 4x20 LCD, so I just need info for album, title, artist, and time. Messing with this line in the config file is pretty frustrating. Anyone have a minimal setting they like? If so, what are you setting the MPXF LCD config lines to in order to read these properties in their new location?

2)MPXplay tends to crowd out the album info from the screen (and consequently LCD) if there are too many characters in the song and track tags. I remember reading an old post where someone removed the style/genere display to get more room on the screen but I can't seem to find it. Anyone remember how that is done?