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Thread: Duel screens - One for controls and the other for video/vis?

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    Duel screens - One for controls and the other for video/vis?


    Long time lurker, first time posting...

    I was wondering if there was a front end that supported duel screens?

    The reason I ask is we have our CarPC done, except we havent finalized the F.E. and we want one that would leave the controls/menu on the screen in the dash and display the video/vis on the visor/headrest monitors.

    We want the driver to not see any moving video except for GPS, because there are alot of ricers around that have gotten in trouble (fines from the local cops) for having thier screen playing a DVD viewable to the driver.

    Thanks for any leads.


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    That is the exact same thing I was thinking about last week! I would like the dash screen to show the GPS and be able to have master control over the back screens. The back screens could play a movie or show a visualisation of the mp3 while the front shows the controls or the GPS mapping.
    The reason being of-course that I wouldn't want a friends episode being played while I was driving, too tempting to wonder why everyone around me is laughing and look at it.
    No reason this can't be done.

    I also wanted to support two sound cards, one for the music and one for the gps speech synthesised voice instruction directions. This I've got working I think.

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    I dont think any of the current FEs support... but it has been somewhat talked about in the nmc and I think RR or CF forums...

    nothing so far though... unfortunately

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    I am working on a skin for Frodoplayer that will support this somewhat... I am still working on getting the DVD to only be on the 2nd screen .. Music videos are already on the 2nd screen only...

    it will require you to setup your 2 screens in windows in a certain way.. etc..

    once I am done with the screen I will also post what all you have to do to get it working... but do keep in mind.. that the skin is low on the list of things I need to get done...
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    I was curious as to some specifics for the options people would want. I was also wondering what type of video card are you planning on using "they all have different features as to how they work"? I have my FrontEnd doing triple screen support at the moment allowing for user to control the Auio/video player from any screen with a main that displays on a chosen monitor for selecting which screens to use. I have yet to finalize everything. Was needing some more ideas and specifics.

    Need Ideas please.......

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