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Thread: Older Software for XP

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    Older Software for XP

    I have a scansoft scanner that was designed for Win 95. I am trying to put it with my Win XP and run the scanner. However, I cannot run the install disc in XP because I keep receiving a compatability error message. I was told there is a way to change compatability settings for your computer to allow older software to run. I would appreciate anyone's help assisting me in finding the setting in XP to change compatability., E-Cig Mods
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    If it is an executable (.exe) just right click on it, click the Compatibility tab and check the compatibility mode. I'm pretty sure this only works for executables though, not sure if it will work on an installer.
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    I have had to change the compatibility on the setup.exe,
    run the setup.exe - find were its extracted the temp files, to run setup,
    and change the compatibility on the install.exe and any .EXE
    in that dir - this dir might be in



    C:\Documents and Settings\---"your user name"---\Local Settings\Temp

    and then let setup finish, if you exit setup the files will be deleted

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    check their website for updated drivers, most of the time they won't work with that compatibility option.

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