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Thread: Does software like this exist? Touchscreen-friendly Volume & Mute Controls

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    Does software like this exist? Touchscreen-friendly Volume & Mute Controls

    Hope that this is the right place to post this kind of question...

    What I am looking for is a small application to replace the tactile volume control knob that one has with a head unit. I will be going with a touchscreen-only setup, and don't want to install something like the Powermate, so all volume control will need to be done via the touchscreen.

    For the moment, I'd like to not use a front-end.

    Basically, what I am envisioning is a very simple application which is "always on top", can be positioned immediately above the Windows taskbar or at the top of the screen, is as wide as the width of the screen, and has a mute button, and a slider to control volume. For example, say the user is running a Xenarc 7" touchscreen at its native resolution of 800x480 on Windows XP. The application should be "always on top" (similar to what you get when you set Winamp to be "always on top", 480 pixels wide, and a small number of pixels high (as small as it can be, while maintaining functionality).

    Basically, I'd like to use this to control the volume level of my soundcard. I can easily mute the sound to answer the phone, for example (no car pc phone integration, yet ), and adjust the volume by sliding my finger, without needing to take my eyes off the road and click all over the place to get to the Windows volume control.

    Does anyone know if such software exists? If it doesn't, I can't imagine it being difficult or time-consuming to code. Unfortunately I have never done any GUI or coding using the Windows API

    Thanks for any help!

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    I'd never replace the analog volume control if I had a choice....but here's your answer:
    Lots of little widgets you can run and I saw several volume control ones
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    That's a pretty cool site!

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    Now I know what a widget is (and I was under the impression it was something deviant).
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