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Thread: Free trial copies of ESX Manager software

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    I'm sorry, and you are....? frodobaggins's Avatar
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    MP3Car uses asterisk.
    [H]4 Life
    My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
    It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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    Will be giving the software a run once I get the carputer.. back.. in.. the.. car.......

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    no satellite radio support? That sucks.

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    No Xm Support

    We are working on this. Erorus just posted his VB app up on the web and if it works as expected I will talk to him about integrating it into the software. We haven't had a huge demand for XM so we won't be coding it ourselves unless we get more user feedback otherwise.

    Anyone want another XM player? (NimbleXM)

    It is hard to develop carputer software there are about 100 different things I would like to add.

    The most interesting project I've seen is Frodobaggins Google map tracking. I have signed up to be one of the first guinea pigs.
    MP3Car Google Maps Tracking
    Spent all my money on carputers now I have to work a real job.

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    I can understand that. I've spent a couple hundred hours developing software for SIRIUS users, although they don't have a computer controlled radio yet (well, I do), we did crack the SIRIUS online stuff.

    My problem is that no car software offers even the functionality you can find in Satellite Radio Plug and Play units (favorites, song seeks, etc.). That is why I'm forced to write my own. My idea is to use a single Favorite Button to map to either a SIRIUS Channel, XM Channel, Playlist or Genere of Music. Then have the program play that item. Of course, I don't need the ability to view video in the car, I just want music and navigation.

    I think the best compramise is a system in which you can skin the interface (like Winamp where you can change control locations too) and also add plug ins which can be written in .net, vb6, etc

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