Hi All,

I have an interesting question.

Is it possible to create a "Skin" for say Frodo Player, and include in that Skin extra buttons, that when those "extra" buttons are pushed, the buttons act like a keyboard. Basically, I have a program I want to control that does not have keyboard shortcuts. However, I have used a program in the past that runs scripts/macros as if it was a mouse moving, clicking, and typing. The macros are recorded, and it plays back exactly what happens on your computer, whether they be mouse movements, clicks, keyboard typing, anything that you want. However, the macro program is only controllable by pressing keyboard keys. I want to use the macro program to record a series of mouse movements and clicks, but have them activated by a button on the Frodo Skin.

So, anyone know how to do this? Is it possible? Do I even need the Macro program to do what I want, or is there a better, easy way? I am no where near a programmer, so programming it myself is basically out of the question. A skin I should be able to handle.

Maybe it is possible for some programmers to do it, but the Macro program allows me to record the mouse movement, clicks, everything, and play it back at will, so no programming is needed on my end.

Any help is appreciated.