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Thread: BlueTooth sender app, any interest?

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    BlueTooth sender app, any interest?

    I was wondering if they would be an interest in an app that would use a BlueTooth connection to send files to BlueTooth enabled devices e.g Mobiles, PDAs etc. I find the Widcom way a bi fiddly to use on the 7" screen plus i would rather like it to be embedded into the fontend.

    So you choose the file you want to send and then the app searches for a BT device and you select it an press send.

    NOw if there is any interest would there be any willing coders
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    Sure. I suggest figure out use scenarios, they might shape how you design it.

    How about an interface to Google SMS?

    You can send SMS through the phone via Bluetooth, then display the data in a cool, user friendly fashion. Yellow pages, driving directions (less relevant for us with GPS, but still handy), movie showtimes, weather, answers to questions, stock quotes, product prices, dictionary queries, etc. Most of us have unlimited SMS, so why not get a little internet connectivity with a cool lifestyle application to manage it?

    This isn't exactly what you were looking for, but it'd be an awful cool use of bluetooth.
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    Yeah, what would be cool was a front end or app that could browse files on your phone like pictures, songs and memos and transfer them to the computer or upload them to the phone.

    I know that my phone came with an app the does this but as motoko said on a 7" screen its way too small
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    I'd code it as I have experiance with coding for bluetooth devices but my bluetooth phone (LG PM325) doesn't support Obex so it wouldn't work on my phone
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