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Thread: SLOW that FSB!

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    Use the modded BIOS on this page and you can change your clock speed.

    It's also very easy to enable these hidden features yourself using modbin6 if you want to, but I used that 1.13 BIOS and had no issues.

    I think a better solution to your problem would simply be to wait a minute until your car cools down before booting. Or connect a tube from your air vent to blow on the motherboard. I have my alarm set to start the car/AC for two minutes when the inside temperature reaches 140 degrees.
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    =\ 40 c is hot wow......for the ppl who over clock cpus...we go up to 50ish and we try to stay udner that...but 40c ......that i think is a decent temp for that comp....other then that why dont u just switch its heat sink...will lower temp, maybe pro long the system.....the newer heat sink should be able to handle the cpu, if the fan dies....thats if u choose the right one too...

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