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Thread: SpeakEasy Voice Recognition - Release 0.9.1

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    good ideas and thanks for the link! i will install now.

    Here is a sapi link
    Peep MY TYTE WHIP yo! It's got too many ill mods to list!

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    Cheers CDR for hosting it. My server is back up again.

    The good news is that what you want is possible by using the settings screen.

    There is a command to activate without needing to press a button, go to the settings screen and put the words you want in the "Activation Phrase" box, so put your phrase "computer start listerning" there (without the quotes).

    The timeout of 30 seconds can be done by setting the "Activation Timeout" slider in the settings screen to 30.

    Hiding the main screen can be done by setting the transparency to 0%, this will not hide the top left window because you may need to access the settings screen to unhide it later. The one thing that is not perfect is that if the main window is hidden there is no status in the top left window to say it is listening or disabled or whatever. I like the idea of different beeps, I'll add that to the settings. Perhaps I'll also make the SpeakEasy text a different color as well:

    Green if it is listening and recognising phrases
    Yellow if it is listening but getting partial phrases
    Red if it is not listening.

    What do you think of this?

    Do you want to hide the top left window as well? If so, I'll code this as well, my only question is how to unhide everthing if all of the windows are hidden, perhaps a voice command like "SpeakEasy Show" ; "SpeakEasy Hide" ; "SpeakEasy Settings" and "SpeakEasy Exit".

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