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Thread: Why is OEM GPS so far ahead of PC software?

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    They are not made for navigating either, mostly route-planning....

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    i dunno. but I LOVE my infiniti birds-eye nav! it's sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! You can zoom in so far and even see buildings you are about to drive by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zebelkhan
    Because they get to charge $2,000 plus for the systems....
    Don't worry, they charge the $2000 because they can, not beause it is so expensive to make, easily 30-40% of that price is pure profit.
    As others noted, software packages are designed for the lowest common denominator and that is definitely not a 7" touch screen LCD.
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    One word: research!

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    I agree with all of you (although the mercedes nav system is crap imho), but in my case (I might be alone here), there just ISNT OEM gps in ANY automobile in brazil...

    I can probably count on my fingers the number of people that have gps in their cars.... basically the 10 or so carpc users scattered around brazil

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaleBuffy
    The reason there is no PC GPS software that can compete with an OEM Car GPS system is that, PC software isnt designed for INCAR TOUCHSCREEN CAR PCs. They are usually designed for Laptops with a 14-15inch NON TS Monitor. I thinks that is the main reason!
    That problem would be solved if GPS programs come with a well equiped SDK. That way we could adapt it to an INCAR-environment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chita79
    right malebuffy.... i hope there is a company out there that sees a market for carpc gps software (comperable to stock oem gps systems)

    While I wish that would happen, I don't think it will, and even if it does, it will be a long time.

    First, we are the cheapest bastards on the planet. Assuming that the OEM Navi setup is about $2,000, and approximately 30% of that is pure profit. So, the cost of the hardware and software is about 1,400.00 bucks. We all know that the hardware isn't all that expensive, but lets for arguments sake say it is $700.00 bucks. I think that is a little much, but it is OEM, so ostensibly, it is good stuff. That leaves a cost of approximately 700.00 for the software. That is with out making a profit. Even if my numbers are off, you can see that the SW will cost significantly more then the typical 100 dollars we pay for IG and the rest. Also, the OEM's get to match the SW perfectly to the hardware. This is something that an aftermarket company can;t do as well, because there are soooo many different setups in use in the carpc coommunity.

    Even if the new SW worked just like we wanted (and mind you, with so many different people, there is no way it would fit EVERYONES need) it will be too expensive, especially since I think the market is smaller then the OEM market. Think about it, Toyota/Lexus sells allot of cars. Sure, not all with GPS, but at least the potential market is there.

    I think the best bet is to be able to integrate using an SDK. There are plenty of people on this board with the skill and know how to do exactly what we want/need. However, proving my point above, Few people here are willing to put up the cash to make it happen. SDK's are expensive. Programing takes LOTS of time. And we are cheap, and unwilling to pay for the programing and the SW.

    That's my take.


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    The way I look at it, with OEM GPS you are stuck to your car manufacturer for updates at whatever price they decide to set it at, or worse, a crappy system that you can not do anything about. Annual Map and software updates can run as high as $169 for some cars too. The only REAL advantage of an OEM system to a carputer based navigation is dead reckoning, but that is just my opinion...
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    I dished out the money using the competitive upgrade and purchased CoPilot Live Laptop 8 from The software is great, touchscreen user friendly, and gives clear accurate directions. It has an integrated OSK, a pleasant voice when in guidance mode, and Voice-recognized commands. Only problem i've experienced is that the POIs could be better. I believe it comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. I'm happy with the software and would recommend it anyone.

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    I use MM/D3 because it is the only software that has Greek Maps (not only Athens). I know it has an SDK, but I never looked into it. Now if someone could tell me if the SDK is efficient enough to COPY (simulate) a OEM GPS and making it look like one, with all the features of a OEM one, then I could tell somebody I know to make it for me. He already made me a GPS application, so I would think that he is able to do something like that. He is an employee of my fathers company, he creates software for our business. So the question that has to be answered really is, is D3's SDK able to be used to COPY a OEM GPS one?

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