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Thread: Game menu style front end

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    A VIA will run a 3D front end, however, you'll max out around 24 fps on its 3D hardware and theres almost no optimization that will make it faster. Suprisingly, a fully textured 800x600 enviornment renders almost as fast as a completely blank one on a VIA GPU. This is good enough for most things like 3D NAV, mp3s etc, however, video will look very sub par when rendering directly to a DirectX texture. With a relativly cheap PCI video card like a GeForce 4 FX5200, you can easily get 60+ fps which makes the VIA fly as you offload all display processing to the GPU. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    Try Stardock's Desktop X.

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    Yes, it's nice to use the Graphics Card to render graphics, and I actually thought of using OpenGL/D3D, but I don't like the fact it adds up a lot to the requirements to run the software. I want to be able to run RR in my Pentium-I 200Mhz with an old Trident-VGA with no 3D whatsoever (and it does). There's nothing wrong with using the machine to it's full potential, hopefully keeping compatibility for those without the $$$ to get newer equipment -- so it just comes down to a matter of choice.
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    Well, the 3d menu could be an addon, and not just the entire app build around it.

    For some reason I really hate those 3d menus. They take up more time. I don't want to see a damn 2 second loading clip before I get to my music.

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