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Thread: Nice front end which works very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madmartigan
    Geez Michael, you are a little stressed perhaps? I dont work for them at all. I work in the construction trade to be honest. And if I insulted you in some way I apologize. I do however remember something about this being a free country and have a right to speak. I never said anything bad about you, your mother, or your family so try to keep it in perspective and relax ok? You need to get yourself a girl mate!

    BTW where I get my software is none of your business. I am sure you feel the same in my shoes....

    You didn't insult me, and that is whay I did not "go off" on you. I just responded to your post. Perhaps I could have been NICER about how I said it, but just like you can say what you want (basically) because we are in a free country, I have the same right. Now that that is out of the way, why is it that so many people think that when you disagree with them it is a personal attack. I state that I believe the SW isn't all that good, and you liken it to disparaging your mother and your family. If I said the SW was ****, that still isn't "equal" to disaparaging ones family.

    Now, let me try and explain this to you. You are new here, adn while I have no problem with you for that per se, let me try a little analogy with you.

    I am a new hire at your construction job. You, and the company have developed and are using several tools that do something pretty complex. Everyone in the company uses this, or another tool created by your company. I then come in on my first day of work, and you have no idea what kind of experience I have, and have not proven myself. I then get to work, and the first thing, or one of the first things I say is, "Hey, this tool, which is new, is a great tool to use to do the same very complex thing that the other tool does. Some of you and your company then go ahead and test the tool, and find that it is lacking many of the features that you feel are a necessity for the job.

    What would you do? Would it be any different then how I did it. Can you understand how it might be more palatable for you if I had instead come to you and said, you know, I think that this might be a good tool to try out, let me know what you think.


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    Pretty front end... If it were free.

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    Perhaps keeping out of it for a while would be appropriate.

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    I think the one thing being overlooked here is that powercinema was not made to be used in a car environment. It was made for desktop PC's, home media centers etc.

    I think it has proven to be true out of the dozens of media frontends available here and else where, that only those that were originaly intended to be used in a car are the ones that are good to use in a car. Dont fault an apple for being an apple and not as sweet as an orange, just go get an orange and be happy.

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