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Thread: Run Program When Wifi Detected

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    Run Program When Wifi Detected

    Is There anyway of running a program using the command line when the computer connects to a specific wifi connection...

    I have map monkey log my trips and would like my syncronization program to run as soon as i pull in the driveway
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    good question ... im playing with replicators based on what ive found searching and want to auto replicate in the same way, infact both ways, car to home and certain folders home to car.

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    Well the simplest way to do it would be to have a scheduled script check every30 secs if SSID of the WiFi is the one of you home network and then run you sync script.

    I am sure there are tools out there that can do it. Maybe even ipconfig /all plus a decently set grep command will do the trick.
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    If you are using dhcp, ipconfig may be part of the way.

    you might be able to use the command ipconfig > presentState.txt

    This will put the state (ip address etc) into the text file.

    There are several batch processors out there which should allow you to search the result file (presentState.txt) for ie the gateway address. ie(The Norton Utilities v6.X, known as Batch Enhancer)
    Possibly the for command could be used to do this.

    If found commence your copy / move command.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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    Personally, I'd check for a connection on the Wireless connection in XP and detect which SSID is in use, if correct then run the script, quite easy to do in VB/VBScript.

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    I was working on some automation for work today and remember seeing a very short batch script someone had written to check for connection. If I find it again, I'll post the link. It's small enough that it could be set to run every couple of minutes. I don't think it would cause too much overhead since the script is so short (maybe 25 lines).
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    Or JScript! This moves all files in a folder that don't exist on the homeputer after checking to see if it's there. I just call it every time the PC shuts off and it works if there's a connection.

    function MoveFiles()
        var path = 'C:\\Video'
        var dest  = '\\\\RemoteComputer\\SharedFolder\\Video\\'
        var fso = new ActiveXObject('Scripting.FileSystemObject')
        if( !fso.FolderExists(dest))
        var f = fso.GetFolder(path)
        var fc = new Enumerator(f.files)
        var name
        for (; !fc.atEnd(); fc.moveNext()){
          name = fc.item()
          var destfile = dest + fso.GetFileName(name)
          if( !fso.FileExists(destfile))
              fso.MoveFile(name, dest)

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    Quote Originally Posted by djXternal
    Is There anyway of running a program using the command line when the computer connects to a specific wifi connection...

    I have map monkey log my trips and would like my syncronization program to run as soon as i pull in the driveway
    Search web for BVRP Connection Manager Pro.

    It does exactly what you want (and much more)
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    No one really specified the OS, so in linux case you can just add rsync information and a ftp address to it. Put the rsync:// in your ifup script and everytime internet comes up it runs it at end. Works pretty well for me

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    I thinking of adding the reverse direction copying into the next release of my Playlist Update program, that would then do what you need.

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