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Thread: Phone Number to Address Database GPS

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    Lightbulb Phone Number to Address Database GPS

    Have you ever used an online utility such as AT&T's to preform phone number reserse lookup?
    A plugin that uses a telephone database to cross-reference the coresponding address and enter that in as the destination on the GPS map. For voice, you say "destination lookup 999-999-9999", and it plots the way point for Tony who lives at that address. I am willing to learn and code such a plugin. However, to get me started does anyone know of an up to date DOWNLOADABLE phonebook database?
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    sounds like trouble

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    Cool idea for businesses. As for individuals (ie: Tony), I would think this would be becoming increasingly less useful as more people have unlisted numbers and/or cell phones only. I haven't had a land-line at my residance in over 7 years.

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