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Thread: cross-frontend Hardware drivre API

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    cross-frontend Hardware drivre API

    Right now there are alot of competing frontends out there, and lots of nifty widgets you can plug into you car PC suck as relay controllers, text LCDs, IR xmitters, OBD-II, light controllers, motoer controllers, homebrew input devices etc. The problem seems to be getting these antisocial widgets to play nicely with the front ends. It seems to me that this could be made possible wiht some sort of stardardized cross platform and front end independant widget API.

    It would go like this: Someone makes a device to allow you to control your windshield wipers from your PC. The maker of such device would privide a small driver. Perhaps this could be a java JAR file whole methods could be invoked through any language and an XML descriptor file to tell front ends what functionality was available. It wouldn't matter what front end you ewre using, you could have a button to control your windshield washers. It would just work no questions asked.

    The standard should be generic enough to support any type of device, but at the same time not be bloated and difficult to use.

    What do others think about trying to come up with some standards.

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    That's why Frodo created the FrodoComm network.

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