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Thread: FBI Anti-Piracy workaround?

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    437 for freerip..its the best thing out there to rips cd's.....and it keeps the ID3 info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red GTi VR6
    so get this....


    I tried every single method I could think of to rip these cds....and what works?! Windows Media

    I still can't see the music files when I try to explore the disc...but for some reason if I have windows media player open, it will immediately place the music files into the list and get all teh titles, etc....and I can rip them that way


    I haven't used windows media player in forever....odd that it would be the one that I could get to work

    I'm betting it's ripping them to wma too, and putting that DRM **** on them...

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    good to know
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmurray14
    I'm betting it's ripping them to wma too, and putting that DRM **** on them...
    nope - not at all....mp3, in the bitrate I want

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