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Thread: Web-based media management

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    Web-based media management

    I'm looking for a piece of software that will index and serve up video and audio files over a web interface, so that someone can easily download them to their device like, oh, say, a PSP.

    Since all of my friends now have PSPs, with the advent of 2.0 firmware, I'd like to give someone the ability to access a large library of media and download a video file for viewing on their device

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    This might sound like a real wacko solution, buuut. Kerio mail server has a neat "mobile device" web interface for picking up ones mail, programmed in PHP.

    In theory it wouldnt be difficult to set up folders and mail mail messages with media attachments and serve it out through the client accessing a public email account, (you can kill the ability to send)..

    Just a thought

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    Now every carPC is a moving webserver.
    Setup Access, IIS and wack up some asp pages and you are in the game. That is if you want dynamic stuff.
    Pure html page will do just fine
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    Doesn't FP have web based media management

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    Now every carPC is a moving webserver.
    I am still considering this approach for my front end and in ASP you will be glad to know. Access as sql would be a little overkill.

    Main problem is launching external apps, dunno how to achieve that.

    @thecapitalizt 2k & xp have an easily configurable web server built in, IIS, you should be able to serve out "index of/" style pages easily. Ive no idea how you plan to connect your mobile devices to this though.

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