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Thread: Non VGA Frontend

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurfinCajun
    Hello all its been a while since I posted. I was wondering if there is a decent non-vga frontend out there. I don't have a VGA monitor(Can't get one for a while-kids) and was wondering if anyone could recommend a decent frontend for non-vga monitors.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

    It's nothing fancy but it works (on Linux anyway... could theoretically work on Windows too)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speedsterworld
    oh i can't remember which front end it is, but that one that switches to full screen automatically and upon exitting doesn't reset your resolution would probably work well for ya , i think it runs at 640x480, not sure though, but drove me nuts during testing on my 1600x1200 res monitor :P... let's just say i deleted that fast
    Heh heh, nice... That program now runs at 800x600 and you can set it to force or not to force screen resolution in the ini file.
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