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Thread: Multiple Video cards on one pc

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    im abit confused now your got 3 screens?

    you can use both touchscreens on seperate screens there is a setting to set the mouse to only go to the edge of one desktop then use the other to only go to the edge of the second screen.

    Use ultramon to force an app to loadup in a set position so you can have RR playing in the main screen then the GPS in the other screen.

    This is what you want?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lostreception
    does anyone know of a similar software to this

    it allows multiple video cards/users to access the same pc as if it were 2 or 3 separate pcs

    ive emailed faxed and tried calling them but i havent heard a word.
    as a new customer almost always when this is the case you can exspect bad customer service down the line should something arise so i hoping someone knows of an alternative

    I am pretty sure that the program Multiplicity from the software company Stardock will do what you are looking for.

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