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Thread: Vice Versa Pro: You gotta get it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC-S60
    Damn, that one doesn't seem to do FTP...
    syncondemand Does

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC-S60
    Damn, that one doesn't seem to do FTP...
    I've written a little program to sync files to an FTP server, it's one way, just up, not down, if you want a copy PM me and I'll e-mail it to you. It's something I've written.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickyaswell
    syncondemand Does
    Free FTP or paying SFTP please

    Syncondemand doesn't seem to do SFTP

    Thanks Anyway

    @fromplanetbob: you got a private message! Thanks!

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    Here is where you can download the program

    The program is a bit involved, but here's the description:
    Written in VB.Net using the IP*Works Toolkit from /nsoft
    There is a configure button, but some settings must also be set in the INI file it creates
    The password is encrpyted (well enough so you can't ready it anyways) in the INI file.

    Okay, how it works. The program will scan all files in a directory, not subdirectories, just the directory you choose. it then generates a MD5 checksum for all files and recordes their size. It then downloads a log file from the server and checks that list of files agains the list that was just generated. It also checks the FTP directory and if any file is there that is not locally, it renames it with something like _deleted and the date. Now files which have are not on the FTP server or don't match the MD5 or filesize will be uploaded. A new log is created, compressed and then sent to the server.

    The program was written to allow me to automatically update a large directory of image files to a website, but most of these collections are in excess of a few hundred megabytes, not something I want to upload every night.

    The source code is not avaible, don't ask. (This is for a number of reasons, including that you would have to have about 1500 worth of software toolkit licenses to even compile it.) It also contains our automatic update routine, so if I update the software, it will check the web for updates and then download them if they are there (I don't know if you can turn this off or not, check the INI file).

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