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Thread: media playback issues

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    media playback issues

    Before my re-install I had a problem with jumpy playback in winamp, not really big jumps but more like dropped frames every few seconds, so if someone walked across a room you saw the jumps in the background of the image.

    Didnt get this with media player.

    both packages were installed last year.

    Re-installed XP yesterday(sp2), put on latest media player(10), latest divx codec, and I'm getting dropped frames / jumps.

    I can play DVD on pdvd with no problem, but I am getting jumpy divx in MP

    CPU shows about 40% activity in divx, so I'm stumped.

    I wanted to stay with MP but if I have to instal a 3rd party player so be it, any suggestions as which one to try first?

    Can I do a simple test to see if my cpu is working ok?
    Maybe the frame drops are cpu problems?

    I know the speed is set right but does a test exist that can tell you its effective mghz without installing 600mb of benchmark the world software


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    Well Use Media Player Classic For All Your Video Formats Is A Lot Less Heavier Than Wmp 10,try It.

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    Make sure you got the latest video drivers and VIA 4-in-1 updates (or whatever your MB drivers are) -- this can considerably increase performance of video playback (on all players).. you can also disable post processing and other extra options on the divx codec..
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