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Thread: One-Click WebCam Recording!

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    Smile One-Click WebCam Recording!

    If you visit this thread for the first time, here is all you need: Capture!.zip

    Last night coded my first tool in C#.Net.

    There it is: Capture! - small WebCam tool specially for the Touchscreen

    (Probably you have to register to download the file. Sorry, has a file-size limit!)

    You need .NET 1.1. Check out the config.ini for all the parameters.

    Greetz! Chris

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    Got any feature list or screenshots?

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    Well, there are screenshots in the the linked thread. Unfortunately you can just see them when you're registered at the forum.

    I suggest you attach some screenshots in this forum too.

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    Looks good.

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    Ok, for us lazy people who don't want to translate the page what's it say? Where's the link to the proggie?

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    Cause I was really curious, I joined the website, and then used to translate from German to English to see what I had just signed up to

    Here's the English translation of the post, and the software screen shot

    Finally I have exactly that what I wanted. But one must make it always first itself!

    The DirectX. Capture Class Library being based on made I a Progrämmchen that my demands on a WebCam Recording tool fulfills for the Webcam in the car.

    I wanted a tool which Webcam-video with only a keystroke (or optionally also without) receives during the trip.

    Possible that makes above all a preconfiguring of all parameters to the Capture-Device and the video compressor per config. ini. In addition a file name is forgiven automatically, being based on a time stamp.

    So a single Button passes to start around the reception! Also many receptions can be made as desired after each other.

    The software indicates already received became now, wieviele seconds, would file is like largely that momentarily, how much place is yet available on the Harddisk and yet further could receive like long one with the current data rate.

    The reception stops automatically if only 50 MB freely are on the Harddisk.

    It can be configured, would file begun will should after wievielen MB a new. Per Default, a new reception begins after 200MB.

    The program can be served per Touchscreen or also only with the "Enter"-Taste.

    In the Idle-mode, one sees screen abundance the picture of the Webcam. In the reception mode a background picture as well as the status information. This schohnt the Prozessorpower of the little via C3

    All attitudes to the VideoCaptureDevice (Cam, solution, frame rate, video compression) and to the Audio Device (Soundeingang, Sampelrate, stereo/Mono, Audiokompression) can be undertaken direct in the program. The parameters should be transmitted then by hand into the config. ini.

    One reaches the attitudes to the video compression under "option - Property page - video Compressor..." DivX proved itself with me, as a precaution on the "fastest" attitude.

    In the config. ini can be indicated moreover, in which window-mode the program is supposed to be started. "Maximized" is good for the single business, the options "C FLATS" can be used, if Capture! out of C FLAT started becomes.

    Well known bugs: all error messages are not intercepted. For example in incorrect config. ini values, in not available CaptureDevices etc. occasionally overlap with the windows-Taskleiste. Rarely videos not correctly are recorded (Size remains in 0.00MB). In the maximized attitudes, one does not see the first text line in C
    FLAT entirely.. ..

    Bugs naturally can be reported me, it exists however no guarantee that I will be concerned therefore

    Someone should have established interest in the further development or at the Bugfixing, I will not forbid in that the source code.

    Nevertheless it pleases me even very especially that 1st the Progrämmchen somewhat dependably runs (my first C#. NET tool generally!) and 2 can receive. I now finally videos during the trip quickly and simply. Would be prettier wait natural the integration in C FLAT or cPos, but on that I now already a year.. (not badly meant)

    Greetings! Chris

    UPDATE: new version: for C FLAT, the config. ini in the C FLATS file must be copied now no longer.

    The program can be multiple on the PC available, with respectively other attitudes of the config. ini.

    For example: C:\Programme\Capture! Front --> front camera C:\Programme\Capture! Back --> stern camera C:\Programme\Capture! Supervise --> attitudes on 1 frame per second, front camera, strong compression, all 50MB a new would file = automatic and continuous
    supervision etc. "end Quote

    Here's the screen shot

    The file is 212kb (just over the limit allowed), but once you register on the website you can download the file.

    I plan on trying it out later today.

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    does somebody have it without registering?
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    Shame it needs DotNet

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    Haha sorry for posting only the link to the forum.

    Here is the tool hosted on my server: Capture!.Zip

    I don't think the automatic translation was a good idea "C FLATS"?? That should be "CES"

    So here is a brief description in my own words:

    this tool enables you to record videos with a single klick from your webcam. i can be configured via a config.ini, so you don't need to use a mouse to set up the capture devices and compression-filters before recording. it is designed to need as less input as possible to do his job. video files are named and saved automatically.
    check out the config.ini for setting the capture device id and the save-to path for the videos.
    per default the tool generates a new file after 200mb of recording.
    set "WindowStateOnLoad = maximized" for fullscreen view (disable windows-taskbar!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Gobby
    Shame it needs DotNet
    Why is .Net bad?? It needs .Net because its written in C# and the DirectX.Capture Class needs .Net too. You can use Mono if you don't like MS

    Something cool i recorded today: Capture_Zeitraffer_x25_25fps_wm9.avi (right-klick, Save target as... !)

    Greetz! Chris

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prefect
    Here is the tool hosted on my server: Capture!.Zip
    Not Found
    The requested URL /public/ was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
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