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Thread: Inputs to replace gauges?

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    Inputs to replace gauges?

    Was wondering if anyone has already or if someone could put together something that could be used to display info from sensors on the car.... for instance im fitting an Exhaust Gas Temp sensor on the car and a gauge, with known values for the voltage etc from this sensor is it possible for someone to make an "on screen" gauge?

    Would be handy to have, as i could maybe indulge in an EGT sensor per manifold runner instead of just 1 after the turbo.

    Maybe other gauges as well.... boost for instance?

    Im not knowledgable to know the in's and outs exactly to be able to do this but wonderd if its possible thru the Parallel or serial ports, with the right hardware bits obviously

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    Use obdii if you can - there are already cables and software to access many engine parameters from the ecu.

    My boost readout from the ecu thru obdii is much more accurate than my mechanical boost gauge, so I don't know what you would gain trying to tap into the separate sensor voltages and use that to display onscreen.

    Depends on the car for whether egt is supported or not.

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