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Thread: Front End + Remoute Control

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    Front End + Remoute Control

    Has bought to itself recently interesting thing Logitech UltraX Media Remoute.

    If it to use only in Windows, on it standard buttons work: Play, Pause, FF, REW, Volume UP, Volume Down, and arrows, etc. In the complete set there is a program for creation HDTV, similar on windwos media edition in which other buttons work all.
    Whether there is a program by means of which it is possible to intercept values of buttons or to renominate? For example FrodoPlayer does not define what the button on the remoute it is pressed, except for standard media of buttons.

    P.S. By the way the board is very convenient, when there is a desire to operate a computer outside of the car, and its accommodation has no value as the board through a radio channel (Instead of on infra-red radiation) works.

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    Personally I use uICE to intercept the remote and then send keystrokes to RoadRunner, it supports usb devices as well.

    There are many others as well.

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