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Thread: automated psp video conversion

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    automated psp video conversion

    i'm not a programmer, nor do have the time to learn (though i would love to).. i was wondering if there was anyone out there saavy enough to make an automated way to convert comcast dvr's to a pc, then convert them to psp's .mp4? i'm not asking for the software itself, such as nero or any other video converter. basically i'm asking for a simple program that will, at a scheduled time, take the dvr file from the cable box, convert it over a firewire connection to my computer, then convert the file to a viewable .mp4. but i want the process automated, i want to sit down and remove the memory stick and go. i know i can do it myself, by sitting down once a day and take the time and resources to do it, but i want a self executing program to do it daily, without my intervention. i know this has little to do with carpc's, but you could use it to automatically transfer your favorite tv show to your car..... thanks.

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    Here is a website that will start you on your way to customizing on the PSP. There are alot of excellent information and several utilities on this site.
    There is also a forum that you can join as well. Enjoy!
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    look at just virtualdub and loading a set script so it loads all the video and audio settings and starts ripping it to the format that can be used on the psp.

    You should be able to find out the things u need easily.
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