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Thread: Software idea: audio enhancer based on passenger...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyN
    oleel do you know if anyone has actually made any car scripts for this softy?
    I know there are people using it, but I do not know of anyone who made scripts for this case.

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    yeah, i said that the mercedes had that for a few yrs (5? 6?) many aftermarkets have that, a ton of cars have it too, but i was amazed at the drastic difference in sound in this particular unit.... it is distinctly noticeable for everyone in the car any sound focus changes...

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    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    I'm not necessarily sure about presets, but the audigy2 series has built in software for this. You go through this "testing" phase, and it adjusts the levels accordingly.
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    Cool, just tried this on our denali with bose, does make a difference...

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