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Thread: Linux with InterVideo InstantON and XP dual boot

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    Linux with InterVideo InstantON and XP dual boot

    I was made aware of software from InterVideo that will play DVD's MP3's etc outside of an O/S which means you can instantly play or watch DVD's without booting. It runs under Linux called InstantON

    Instant Media Technology (IMT) for Fast access to digital content TV, DVD, Music, Photo, Radio
    Sleek look & feel of a CE device - controlled by remote
    All the functionality of a PC
    Flexible & Cost Effective

    Instant access to digital content - Enjoy the PC like a CE device, press Play on the remote control and within seconds TV, music or video is playing. No waiting for Windows to boot - instant satisfaction!

    What I was thinking is create a dual boot system

    Linux-InstantON for immediate access to above
    Windows XP for other stuff

    Has anyone tried this?
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    I tinkered with the idea of this software a while back when I first read about this a long time ago (see similar threads below for one mention, I'm sure there are more)...

    However, the "instant-on" is kind of feature-less compared to a frontend, and If I need GPS (which I like most in my carpc) I need to be in the OS, so I cant benefit from isntant on...

    I guess if ppl want just music this might be a good addon...

    What I would really like to see though, is a software similar to this, but that reads a data file set by the frontend, and continues what the frontend was playing on shutdown.... then loads the OS while already playing music, and then "hands off" to the frontend again....

    probably would require major Bios, Driver, OS, Frontend Media Player work, and will probably never happen....

    If we used a linux frontend it would probably be easier since you can maybe initialize the soundcard before anything else loads, and start playing immediately, and then only after that load all the other stuff

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    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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