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Thread: "Front Row" like program for Windows?

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    "Front Row" like program for Windows?

    Hey guys, I have a AVIC-D1 that would handle all the navigation/audio etc for my car, so that's not needed.

    I saw apple's "Front Row" and I would love to have that as the aux input for the D1, but I don't really want to run out and buy a Mac Mini. I have a spare laptop, and was hoping that there is a windows program similar to "Front Row".

    Here is a concept mockup I made in photoshop: (2.4MB)


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    well since Front Row for the mac was just released, i seriously doubt there are any pc rip offs yet. But by looking at the video for the release of front row i would have to say you can most likely mimik there interface with just about any frontend give or take the transition effects.
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