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Thread: Radiator and HD Audio = crash?

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    Radiator and HD Audio = crash?


    I'm having a hard time getting Radiator to work with my microATX P4 setup. I have an ASUS P5GL-MX which has a SoundMAX integrated HDAudio capable soundcard. Problem is, whenever I try to open Radiator, if the HD audio driver is enabled, it won't open at all, it'll just crash upon launch and give me some 'EAccess Exception'.

    I even tried a clean install, and multiple driver versions. Does anyone else have an HD audio capable board that has gotten this to work?

    Just to clarify, as soon as I disable the HD audio driver (thus disbaling my sound capabilities all together), Radiator launches without a hitch, but of course that isn't much use without sound.

    I have the Compro VideoMate TV/PVR/FM.


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    did you ever get this fixed? I encounter the same crash whenever i load radiator. I will try disabling my on board sound and see if this fixes the problem. I sent an email to the guy that makes radiator, but he hasn't replied(its been 4 or 5 days).
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    I am experiencing the exact same problem with an ASUS MB.
    Audio chipset is ADI AD1986A High Def. Tried almost everything, and now i am thinking about changing the motherboard. Is it possible that this happens with all HD cards??? If so we need an external USB card whith an Optical digital I/O output (or coaxial, S/PDIF etc).

    Any help woud be much appreciated

    thanks Andreas


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