I have run into trouble ripping my cd's to my hdd.

When I tell EAC to 'Auction/Copy Selected Tracks/Compressed' they just all end up saved as .wav files.
I have copied all the FLAC files into the EAC directory and told EAC the path to FLAC in the settings menu but it never loads up FLAC and wont rip them stright into FLAC files.

I can get around this by using FLAC Front-End but the problem I get then is I have to click 'Add', then the .wav file/song I want to compress, for every single song.
It wont seem to let me select a folder (with a load of .wav files in) or select more than one at a time. (I can add more than one to the list to be compressed, just only add one at a time) (If that makes sense?)

Not big issues but as I have NO cd's ripped for my carpc it would be good to sort out and should save me a fair bit of time if i could!

Thanks for any ideas!